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Blue Man Group at Venetian - Las Vegas Shows, Tickets | MyVegasNET.comThe legendary Blue Man Group will have you smiling and laughing until you are blue in the face! It’s true that their faces are painted blue, but that is only the first of many surprises that makes Blue Man Group a rhythmic and visual spectacular. Blue Man’s eclectic mix of music, dance, and humor is sure to make the audience come alive during this one hour and forty-five minute extravaganza.

The Blue Man Group takes great pride in the fact that they are a creative organization dedicated to providing excitement to both the audience and the performers. Adults will pick up on the fact that the show has an underlying social commentary and a depth of characters.

Becoming a Blue Man is not an easy task. It takes the blue men about one hour to get dressed for the show because they are painted with a greasy substance that never really dries which is why their heads always appear to be wet and shiny. The three bald blue men wear black clothing and do not speak during the entire performance. Adults and children alike will find this largely entertaining because lights and color fill the room with excitement.

Stunts and tricks are performed throughout the show, including the world-famous paint drumming. The audience will be in awe as they witness the blue men beating on drums that splash colorful paint high in the air. The men really take on a primal attitude as they turn everyday objects, such as PVC pipes, into instruments. The stage comes alive with color as the paint is splashed onto a canvas creating instant art and a feast for the eyes. Guests sitting in the “poncho section” beware, as you may get wet! Because of this, the Blue Man Group likes to encourage their guests to dress casual and wear clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty.

The Blue Man Group phenomenon has recently exploded into Europe as well. Since there is little dialogue, this type of entertainment can be enjoyed by communities of any language. The Blue Man Group also won a Grammy award for their record “Audio.”

The hypnotic style of entertainment that the Blue Man Group brings to the Las Vegas scene is truly unique and is as high energy as its surroundings. A true must see!
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