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A Grand Canyon Air Tour & Discovery Tour

See two of the most famous landmarks in the West – the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam on this combination airplane tour.

You will start out with deluxe transportation to the Hoover Dam. This ride includes generously-sized windows, extra headroom and a television on which you’ll view a free movie about the making of the Hoover Dam. Once at Hoover Dam, you will enjoy a Discovery Tour with access to the dam’s visitor center. You will see a short educational film and the exhibit gallery. You will also take an elevator down 500 feet to one of the dam’s generator rooms. Complete your visit with a stroll around to admire this massive man-made wonder.

Your adventure continues with a deluxe ride to the Boulder City airport, where you will board for your plane ride for a bird’s-eye view of some spectacular scenery. You’ll experience aerial views of the breathtaking Grand Canyon, which measures one mile deep and an astounding 280 miles long.

On your plane tour you will also see:

– Lake Mead, the largest man-made lake in the United States
– The Colorado River, the primary river of the southwest
– The Hoover Dam, which stands 725 feet above the Colorado River

After your plane tour, you will return to Boulder City where you will land, board a motor coach and return to your hotel. See the surrounding areas of Las Vegas along the way.


A Grand Canyon Air Tour & Discovery Tour