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Dr. Karen and Dr. Darwin Perkins reveal how to identify personality types for effective communications at work


TheStripLIVE.com | LAS VEGAS | Media Showcase | Interview with celebrity guests Drs. Karen and Darwin Perkins for THE STRIP LIVE celebrity talk show | Director’s cut | Join new media producers and celebrity positioning specialists Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray as they hangout and showcase Dr. Karen and Dr. Darwin Perkins (effective communication experts) on location at the MasterCAST LIVE event inside Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas.

In this interview, Drs. Karen and Darwin Perkins discuss personality types as animals to effectively communicate and improve personal or professional relationships. Are you a lion, peacock, owl, or lamb? The doctors will reveal what each means and how to identify each personalty type.

To watch more interviews showcasing success stories from top celebrities entrepreneurs, and industry experts live from Las Vegas, visit TheStripLIVE.com.

[BEGINNING OF TRANSCRIPT] [Maria Ngo] Welcome to The Strip Live, I’m Maria Ngo, and today we have two guest experts. We have Dr. Karen and Dr. Darwin, a happily-married team. Thank you guys so much for being here today.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] Well, you’re welcome. It’s great to be here.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] Thank you for having us.

[Maria Ngo] I want to jump right into personality types. And I know that there are a number of different personalities, but who would like to discuss what those personality types are.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] Why don’t you give it a start?

[Maria Ngo] And great delegation.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] There you go. And again, that is a personality type. You know, there are dozens of ways that people explain personalities. There’s the four DISC, there’s the color code, there’s Myers-Brigg. We like to talk about them as animals. And you think about it, you think of an animal, and it really comes to mind. If I were to say peacock, what would you think of?

[Maria Ngo] Someone who’s flaunting, showboating.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] Yeah, showy.

[Maria Ngo] Yeah.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] You know, socializing, and those kinds of things. The lion–

[Maria Ngo] Are you calling me a peacock?

[Dr. Karen Perkins] You’re a peacock.

[Maria Ngo] I know that.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] Then you’ve got your lions, your A-type personalities, the take charge, which we often think are kind of dominant, angry, but really, they’re the ones that protect the pride, and you take care of their people, and you’re either with them or against them, and if you’re against them, you’re dinner.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] And they’re always the ones out in front, so we know who that might be.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] We take over. And then you’ve got your owl. And of course, we think of the wise old owl, you’re analytical. And then you’ve got your lamb. Oh, your lambs are so sweet and cuddly and kind and lovable. And they’re your people that take care of everyone, your caregivers. So that’s the four basic personality styles.

[Maria Ngo] Okay so then, and having to interact with these different personality types, especially like in a work environment, cause you are working with different people every day, and you need to get a job done. How do we go about that, without impinging on somebody’s, you know, what they, how they prefer to be communicated to.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] You know, I think one of the first things you have to do is, first of all, recognize who you are. Because who you are and how you are perceived by others really relies a lot on what that base personality type is. When she walks into a room, especially after people know her, they pay attention, period, because that’s how she is. You know, she doesn’t take prisoners. You know, she tells it how it is and expects things to happen. So, if you know who you are, then you can be more true, to the kind of person that you are, the kind of personality you are. The more true you are to your base personality, the more people think you’re real.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] Well, and not only–

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] They trust you then.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] Not only being true to who you are, but I’m more comfortable with the fact that I’m a lion. I’m much more open to all of the other personality styles, so I can interact with them the way they need me to interact with them, instead of trying to force them into what’s comfortable for me.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] And so that’s the second part of that, is once you know who you are, you start to identify who the other people are, and interact with them the way they want to be interacted with, instead of the way you want to interact with them.

[Maria Ngo] It’s kind of going back to the old adage, you know, you hear, you know, treat others the way you want to be treated, but that’s not true.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] No, it truly is not.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] No.

[Maria Ngo] You should treat other people the way they want to be treated.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] Well in Dr. Tony Alessandra’s Platinum Rule, and he’s one of my heroes, and I’m now one of his! He loves the personality styles the way we do it. Is, the Platinum Rule, do unto others as they would have you do unto them.

[Maria Ngo] Right.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] Because you think about the Golden Rule, how selfish is that? If I do to you the way I want it done, I’ve not met your needs.

[Maria Ngo] Right, and probably I wouldn’t respond the way, you know, that would be productive. Well, I think this is so fantastic, and just really interesting, because I think no matter if you’re in a relationship, or your kids, or at a corporate environment. I know that you go into a lot of corporations and you teach on the personality types, and you help facilitate them to be more productive. So for people who need to get information on how to, you know, contact you and possibly bring you into their corporation, where should they go?

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] Sure, go to our website. That’s the easiest way to get ahold of us. It is www.dr-perkins.com, so it’s Dr. Perkins dot com.

[Maria Ngo] Excellent. Thank you guys so much.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] Oh, thank you.





Dr. Karen Perkins and Dr. Darwin Perkins are Your Happily Ever After Experts.

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Dr. Karen Perkins, with her husband, Dr. Darwin Perkins are highly sought after business leaders and consultants in both the private and public sectors. For over 20 years, they have counseled and taught organizations, groups, and individuals, giving them the keys to personal and organizational growth and by recognizing and fulfilling each person’s own immeasurable potential.

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