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Stress management experts Dr. Karen and Dr. Darwin Perkins claim you can instantly remove negative stress in your life


TheStripLIVE.com | LAS VEGAS | Media Showcase | Interview with celebrity guests Dr. Karen and Dr. Darwin Perkins for THE STRIP LIVE celebrity talk show | Director’s cut | Join new media producers and celebrity positioning specialists Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray as they hangout and showcase Dr. Karen and Dr. Darwin Perkins on location at the MasterCAST LIVE event inside Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas.

In this interview, Dr. Karen and Dr. Darwin Perkins discuss how we can instantly eliminate any negative stress that prevents unhappiness, depression, accidents, and even death!

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[BEGINNING OF TRANSCRIPT] [Maria Ngo] Thanks so much for joining The Strip Live. I’m Maria Ngo, and with me is Dr. Karen and Dr. Darwin Perkins. Husband and wife team here, thank you so much for being here.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] Thank you.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] It’s great to be here.

[Maria Ngo] So today’s topic is all about stress. And I know everybody around me, whether it’s in the work environment, whether it’s family, they said they are stressed to the max. So are you here to cure all of that?

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] Oh, absolutely, just like that and it’s gone.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] It’s a magic wand, are you ready? Poof, the stress is gone.

[Maria Ngo] Oh, I feel so good.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] Actually, it is that easy.

[Maria Ngo] No way.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] It really is. What all of this stress management experts do is, they teach you all these different ways to manage stress.

[Maria Ngo] Yeah.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] The problem is, that doesn’t make the stress go away and it doesn’t make any different. So you still got all this stress. Now you just got 17 different ways to acknowledge that you have stress.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] I’m not sure what that–

[Dr. Karen Perkins] Which creates more stress.

[Maria Ngo] That’s true.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] Yeah, which creates more stress, it just doesn’t really help. The issue that we have found that really makes all the difference in the world, and we’re called personal reset experts, but it is a reset of your mind. The way you perceive stress. Karen talks a lot about emotions. There’s two sides, a severely excited emotion and a really, really down emotion, whatever that is. But your body reacts exactly the same to both of those. Your heart palpitates, you get sweaty palms, maybe even get a little bit light headed. In both cases, whether it’s really bad or really good. So your body is reacting to a level of stress, and your mind is saying, “Well, but this is a good one and this is a bad one.” so what we do is, we help you understand how to process the things that you’re doing, to the point where you don’t perceive it as stress anymore. You perceive it as more of a good thing. If you perceive it as a good thing, then it becomes a good thing. All of a sudden, most of your stress goes away.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] It’s an opportunity instead of a paralysis event.

[Maria Ngo] I want to talk to you about, again, a factory situation. You actually said if somebody is highly stressed, sleep-deprived, they actually can be killed. And they can cause a lot of accidents. And of course we see a lot of problems with that. So in a work environment, when you’re dealing with stress and you hear that stress management, like you’re saying, let’s just manage the problems versus going right to the source. It’s changing your mindset. How does a company go in, and they have all these people to, they have employees to manage to say, “Okay, guys, listen up. “I don’t want you to be stressed anymore, “because I don’t want you to bring “any of your stuff to work, “and I don’t want any of these problems gonna happen, “so we’re gonna change your mindset.” How does a company start implementing that?

[Dr. Karen Perkins] You know, they tell you to leave the baggage at the door, but sometimes you just gotta get rid of that baggage. And Darwin, I’m gonna let you take that one over.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] Thank you very much, dear. So, yeah, corporates is a little bit different when we’re dealing with. They can’t just bring everybody into a room and say, “Okay, get over it.”

[Maria Ngo] Yeah.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] You know, it just obviously doesn’t work that way. And yet, there are techniques, there are things that we can do, that we can teach them, that will effectively let them get over it. And that is the nice thing about it. Whether we do it on a small group basis, or teams, or even with the senior executives. And then they can start to promote what they’ve learned down through the ranks. It all works, and it works incredibly well. It’s one of these things that you look back after you’ve been to somebody that has done that, and you come back two or three months later, and it is a different environment. People are happier. They’re not necessarily ecstatically happy, but they’re happier. And there’s an attitude in there that, you walk in the door and you can feel the change in it.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] Well, they’re happier, they’re healthier, and they’re more productive. And now the company’s happier because now their bottom line has gone up. And they’re happier, and so they’re happier, and the people are happier because the boss is happier with them. I mean, it’s cyclical.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] Well, and everybody wins there. You know, the nice thing about something like this, is regardless where it starts, a person is not just a corporate person. A person has a family.

[Maria Ngo] Sure.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] They have outside interest, they have other relationships. They have things that they love to do. This affects everything. If you get a different attitude about how your life is, all of a sudden, maybe your life isn’t quite so bad as maybe it used to be. You get a little bit more happy in one area, that leads to everything else.

[Maria Ngo] Yeah.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] And it is fantastic change. We’ve had stories about marriages being saved, simply because we started thinking a little bit different about how the life was.

[Maria Ngo] Well from a company perspective, I think a great place to start is, like you said earlier, it’s almost like train the trainer. You’re gonna train a group of the leaders to which, they’re gonna take that out. And so as a result, everybody’s gonna be happier. Happier at work, happier in their home lives, et cetera. Therefore, it’s the “happily ever after experts” coming in, teaching, and showing and facilitating this. And we’re all gonna be happier as a result of it.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] That’s true.

[Dr. Darwin Perkins] Very true.





Dr. Karen Perkins and Dr. Darwin Perkins are Your Happily Ever After Experts.

Happy employees promote the company, make clients more satisfied, come up with better ideas and create profitability. Modern Leaders understand that. They set the tone for the company, create the corporate environment, and make it possible for that happiness to thrive. Their understanding of human potential, their clarity of self and their underlying faith in themselves and in others set the stage for successes never before imagined.

Dr. Karen Perkins, with her husband, Dr. Darwin Perkins are highly sought after business leaders and consultants in both the private and public sectors. For over 20 years, they have counseled and taught organizations, groups, and individuals, giving them the keys to personal and organizational growth and by recognizing and fulfilling each person’s own immeasurable potential.

Drs. Perkins mentor top executives to reset and enhance personal clarity while polishing their speaking and communication skills. They learn the truth about promoting corporate wellness including: emotional intelligence, change management, overcoming barriers and personal fears, team building, leadership, communications, conflict resolution, and stress management.

Using Dr. Karen Perkins’ latest book, Emotional Power, the Doctors present one to two day seminars and week long retreats that focus on incorporating making your emotions work for you, being clear with yourself, promoting positive relationships, then communicating powerfully to gain alignment with your direction and plans.

For a free consultation, visit Dr-Perkins.com now.


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