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Dr. Karen Perkins author of Emotional Power shows how to find peace and joy when tragedy strikes


TheStripLIVE.com | LAS VEGAS | Media Showcase | Interview with celebrity guest Dr. Karen Perkins for THE STRIP LIVE celebrity talk show | Director’s cut | Join new media producers and celebrity positioning specialists Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray as they hangout and showcase Emotional Power author Dr. Karen Perkins (Emotional Intelligence expert) on location at the MasterCAST LIVE event inside Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas. in Las Vegas.

In this interview, Emotional Intelligence expert Dr. Karen Perkins and author of Emotional Power says how you look at circumstances is the key to a happy life.
Find out what to do when tragedy, heartache, or loss strikes to keep your joy and peace.

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[BEGINNING OF TRANSCRIPT] [Maria Ngo] And we’re back on the red carpet at another live VIP MasterCast event and with me is Celebrity Guest Expert Dr. Karen Perkins, the author of Emotional Power. I love that, Dr. K. How are you doing?

[Dr. Karen Perkins] I am fabulous, how are you today?

[Maria Ngo] Oh, great. I know that you have lots to teach within your book, so let’s kind of go over some of the strategies that you’re teaching.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] I think that some of the key strategies are, first, you gotta understand your emotions and that you’re having them. Acknowledge them, don’t pretend you’re not going through things, because we all do, but then choose how you want to react. Choose the emotion you want to focus on and choose your thoughts.

[Maria Ngo] Now you have a really personal and emotional story in the book, do you mind sharing it?

[Dr. Karen Perkins] Well, I’d love to. I want to tell you a little bit about my sister, Heather, because we think about people who go through garbage, and I’m using a nice word,go through stuff. And if it can go wrong and happen badly in her life, it did. She had horrible things happen to her in her childhood, in her teenage years and as life went on. And all she wanted to do is grow up, get married and have lots of babies. She grew up, got right out of high school, immediately got married but didn’t have lots of babies. Because of some of the things that had happened in her childhood and because of a physical condition. She had no problem getting pregnant but she couldn’t keep the child. In five years, she had 11 miscarriages. Well, now I’m all crying and upset and saying, “Oh Heather, this is so awful. You are such a nice person, you’re always so happy, and this is just wrong.” And she’d say, “Karen, Karen, Karen. Yeah, I have a heavy heart. I want a child more than anything, but I choose to be happy.” And she chose to be happy. And she focused on the things that made her happy. And in those five years, she wrote children’s books, and stories, and songs and she helped other people with their children. She studied about her condition and things that had happened to her to help other people through it. Well, finally, she got pregnant, woo-hoo! Little Michael Ryan, cutest baby you ever hope to see.

[Maria Ngo] Yay!

[Dr. Karen Perkins] Yay, but she ends up in bed the whole pregnancy. Now, I ended up in bed with one of mine and I know it’s horrible. You are miserable, you’re lonely, you’re tired, you’re bored, the bed’s uncomfortable. And I would go, “Oh Heather, you poor thing! The bed’s uncomfortable, it’s so unfair.” And she’d go, “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. “Karen, I choose to be happy. If I focus on the bed being uncomfortable, that’s all I’ll notice. I choose to be happy.” So, she focused on writing children’s songs and books, looking things up for other people, writing love letters for her friends and family. So, her time went that fast and everybody visited her because she wasn’t miserable and ornery. Yeah, nobody visited me, go figure. And so, finally, she has Michael but he’s one month early to the due date. And because of her condition and because of the pregnancy and being early, he ends up in the hospital first three weeks. At this point, I lost it. I said, “It’s so unfair, how can God punish you, how can the universe punish you? You’ve done everything you were asked. You’ve helped everybody else.” And she went, “Karen, Karen, Karen. I choose to be happy. Being upset is not gonna help Michael heal. In fact, he’ll feel my anger, he’ll feel my stress, he’ll feel my frustration, and it will prevent him from healing.” So, those three weeks, what does she do? She plays with Michael in the incubator. She goes to the children’s ward and reads them books and stories. She goes to geriatrics and reads them books and stories. She writes love letters for her friends and family. Scrapbooks. She had Michael’s first scrapbook done the day before he turned one month old. In fact, she had three of them. One for her, one for my mom, one for her mother-in-law. Go figure, my youngest is 30 and I have not yet started his. Something’s seriously wrong with that picture. So, on his one month birthday, my parents were coming up to see him, and she was going through the canyon, up to visit my parents. She was gonna go, actually, home with them. And she’s got the scrapbook in hand, all excited to see Mom and Dad, introduce them to little Michael, and as they’re going up through the canyon, a gal decided to speed while passing on a blind curve. They killed Heather and Michael instantly. I tell you that not to shock you and not to upset you, but she had a very, very short life. And lots and lots of heavy hearts and heartache. But she lived more happiness in that life than most people do in their entire long lives because she chose to focus on the things that made her happy. Acknowledge the things that didn’t, dealt with them, and she chose to focus on the thoughts that would put her in the place she needed to be. And, through that focus, she has changed the rest of our lives that knew her. In fact, my love letter? I got it the next day. I will cherish that forever ’cause had she been focused on what’s wrong with me and what’s going on, she would not have written those love letters to all of her friends and family who received them after somebody made a mistake. We have choices. We have bad things happen to us, everyone of us, at work, at home, at the grocery store. But, the fact is, it’s our choice what we want to do with those things. And it’s our choice to decide to be happy or not. And she chose to and she taught me a huge lesson. And I desire to teach every one else that lesson so they can choose happiness in their lives. And go forward in a way that is productive for them day to day.

[Maria Ngo] Well, thank you so much for sharing that. And like you said, what we can learn from Heather and Michael is that we need to live each moment, not even each day, each moment as best we can, as happy as we can. And thank you for doing what you do.

[Dr. Karen Perkins] Thank you.





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