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Janell Wheeler and Johnny Bulford, country music sensation, share their love for each other and passion for the pursuit of their dreams


TheStripLIVE.com | LAS VEGAS | Media Showcase | Interview with celebrity guest Janell Wheeler and Johnny Bulford for THE STRIP LIVE celebrity talk show | Director’s cut | Join new media producers and celebrity positioning specialists Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray as they hangout and showcase Janell Wheeler and Johnny Bulford (country music recording artists) on the red carpet at Ken Courtright’s popular Digital Footprint event.

In this interview, Janell Wheeler and Johnny Bulford share inspirational advise to continue to pursue your dreams and do what you love.

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[BEGINNING OF TRANSCRIPT] [Maria Ngo] We’re on the red carpet at Digital Footprint. And with me are country’s superstars, megastars Lockhart Johnny and Janell. Thank you so much for being here.

[Janell Wheeler] Thank you for having us. We’re so excited to be out here in California, one of our first red carpets together.

[Maria Ngo] Wow.

[Johnny Bulford] Yes. Yes, this is the first. Well, one of the first.

[Janell Wheeler] One of the first. Yes.

[Maria Ngo] The best.

[Janell Wheeler] The best!

[Maria Ngo] It’s the best red carpet.

[Johnny Bulford] The best. That’s what I mean. [laughter] [Maria Ngo] You guys were so amazing tonight. You moved everybody. I mean, I was getting close to my hubby. You know, sway, thought all the happy places. So congratulations on all of your success. If there was something that you can tell our audience regarding going after their dreams and pursuing especially something that’s so difficult, at music and becoming successful what would you say to them?

[Janell Wheeler] Well, I’m gonna let Johnny take this one to start with.

[Maria Ngo] That was nice delegation skills!

[laughter] [Johnny Bulford] I think you should find someone you enjoy doing whatever you want to do and find someone who enjoy doing it with. It’s always more fun with a companion, you know. That’s one of the reasons we did the duo thing as we love singing and we love each other.

[Janell Wheeler] Oh!

[Johnny Bulford] So it makes sense, you know.

[Janell Wheeler] That’s so sweet baby!

[Maria Ngo] Anything to add to that?

[Janell Wheeler] Oh! Well for me, and you know I’ve been trying to go for the music thing since I was a little girl and in high school, I did the pop stuff and you know all that fun, fun stuff and when I graduated college I finally given up. And I said, “You know I need to get a real job.” And I became sales rep and worked really hard. I took a chance on my audition for a show on a whim because I just didn’t feel like going to work that day. And I ended up getting further and further, ended up on national television. So you never know. Take chances. Don’t give up, you know. Keep pushing forward even if everything is not going exactly as you want or even if you’re just succeeding in a small way. As long as you’re happy and you’re doing what you truly love. That’s all that matters. So, yeah.

[Maria Ngo] You guys are so sweet and just for all the audience out there just so that you know. We’ve had quite a bit of wine already, right?

[Johnny Bulford] Oh, yeah.

[laughter] [Janell Wheeler] That’s a wine tasting.

[Johnny Bulford] Yes.

[Janell Wheeler] That’s part of the evening.

[Maria Ngo] So, I have no idea if were you know, if my questions are making sense to you. Why they’re so far so good.

[Janell Wheeler] Absolutely! They are!

[Johnny Bulford] I’m glad I’m still standing right now.

[laughter] [Janell Wheeler] Yes. We’re actually… We were on a country cruise in the Bahamas. And so we’re kind of on Florida and Bohemian time. So it’s about three, two, 2:30, 3:00 am on our clock right now.

[Johnny Bulford] I fell asleep halfway through the show.

[laughter] [Maria Ngo] Why you didn’t ask? So, we’ve got time difference. We have wine in a mix. And you guys are still kicking it and

[Janell Wheeler] (Thank you.)

[Maria Ngo] you are so lovely. You know, we really support you and we’re behind you a hundred ten percent. We can’t wait to see what’s next for you. For people who want to get more information whether you’re touring or you know whatever it is that you’re doing, where should they go?

[Janell Wheeler] Definitely hit our social media. It’s ‘at-sign’ @WeAreLOCKHART L-O-C-K-H-A-R-T. We’re named after a town not a heart. So @WeAreLOCKHART. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. And we have an EP coming out pretty soon that we can share with everyone. So if you go to those sites and you follow us, you’ll get zero journey. And we can’t wait to share music with the world!

[Maria Ngo] Anything to add?

[Johnny Bulford] No, no she got, she covered everything.

[Maria Ngo] He’s like, ‘I’ve been drinking, so cuts. Let’s go to the bar. We’re done. Haha! Thank you guys. Thank you so much for having fun.

[Janell Wheeler] Thank you so much.

[Janell Wheeler & Johnny Bulford] Thank you.





Johnny Bulford is a respected songwriter and winner of The Colgate Country Showdown. He is best known for penning Lee Brice’s first #1 song, “A Woman Like You” and Chris Young’s hit “Lonely Eyes.” Johnny has always felt more comfortable on stage than off. With Janell, those feelings are heightened. “I’ve always loved the sound of her voice, and now I’m lucky enough to get to hear it everyday. I’m as much of a fan of her as I am a partner."

Janell Wheeler is a singer songwriter who is often recognized for her time as a finalist on Fox’s American Idol. Her musical journey has put her on stages in front of thousands in the U.S. as well as Europe and Japan. Janell’s love for music originated in church where harmony driven songs gave her the desire to be part of a vocal group. When she met Johnny she knew she had found her musical match.

A year ago, Janell asked Johnny that same question she had asked him the day they first met. Only this time, she meant it. With Johnny's powerhouse vocals, and Janell's sweet sultry style, their music is set apart by incredible writing, and honest emotion behind every word. Their voices fit together seamlessly, creating warm harmonies that captivate their listeners and their audiences. Now, fresh out of Music City is country’s newest duo, debuting their self-released EP, “RECKLESS.”

Catch up with them on all social media: @wearelockhart


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