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Dr. Sathya Kalangi, disaster relief specialist with a heart of gold is making a difference through her humanitarian efforts


TheStripLIVE.com | LAS VEGAS | Media Showcase | Interview with celebrity guest Dr. Sathya Kalangi for THE STRIP LIVE celebrity talk show | Director’s cut | Join new media producers and celebrity positioning specialists Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray as they hangout and showcase Dr. Sathya Kalangi (medical doctor, entrepreneur, philanthropist) on location at Ken and Kerri Courtright’s Digital Footprint event.

In this interview, Dr. Sathya Kalangi discusses her passion for serving on disaster relief teams around the world and her latest initiative in building an online disaster relief information portal. Watch the video to learn how you can help – The Collective Power of One (cpoi.org)

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[BEGINNING OF TRANSCRIPT] [Maria Ngo] And we’re on the red carpet with Dr. Sathya Kalangi. You look absolutely gorgeous tonight.

[Sathya Kalangi] Thank you so much and so do you.

[Maria Ngo] Well tell me, because you’re a medical doctor that does amazing things when natural disasters occur. You actually go and provide a lot of relief efforts. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

[Sathya Kalangi] Yes, it’s been a calling if you will and I have done disaster work in multiple countries: Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Haiti, The Philippines, Kathmandu, Nepal and of course many places right in the US as well and Galveston and so on and so forth.

[Maria Ngo] So you actually left your medical profession to create a non-profit and do this full time. Is that right?

[Sathya Kalangi] That is correct. I closed shop. I couldn’t serve two masters at one time and so I had to make a decision though a lot of the disaster relief work was done while I was in practice but I had a lot of blessings if you will from my family as well as my staff, as well as my patients and a lot of support, so to speak and therefore I was able to do it. But now I have closed my practice so I could serve better and really it was all about being more effective if you will. My prayer was, “God, with the one-dollar you’ve blessed me, with the one hour and the one talent you’ve given me. How can I exponentially impact lives 24-7, worldwide and create generational change?” So the answer is simply to change the platforms from where I serve and the vehicles I use. And so that was… That’s it basically. So in a practice, though I was very successful by all standards if you will, I, it was limited by my energies and the number of days, number of hours in the day and the effectiveness clearly wasn’t there which I could see during disaster relief. Each disaster relief attempts that I have made are very spontaneous of course but the impact is tremendous. In Haiti, the first time I went to reach each about seven thousand lives. The second time I went, it was perhaps eight to nine thousand lives. Wow! Philippines, the same similar numbers. So everywhere we go during disaster. The service it is significantly more meaningful if you will, much, much more fulfilling than ever before though it is highly risky and very strenuous, very exhausting but very fulfilling.

[Maria Ngo] Well you’ve actually kind of created a different platform to help people in their everyday disasters. As you say, their life disasters. So tell me about this this website platform that you’ve created and how it’s going to help people?

[Sathya Kalangi] Yes, I’m really grateful to Ken and Kerri Courtright and Today’s Growth Consultants for actually having a platform like this for an individual like myself. When Mr. Courtright called, I immediately said yes to his request if I would consider it. I chose not to do gastroenterology or entirely medical because I would limit it to just gastroenterologist and myself. Given the nonprofit organization which is called Collective Power of One International, I wanted to extend this to other walks of life as well. So disaster does not limit it. It’s not limited to just natural disasters of course. So we will be writing a lot on that in terms of preparedness, awareness and recovery about disaster affects multiple areas of life essentially. So whether it is ITs, whether it’s hospitals, whether it is a school, whether it is a shootout in a school, any number of things, violence in a home. They are all kinds of disasters if you will. So the word disaster is certainly not limited to a natural disaster. So with this platform of being an authority site we are able to essentially perhaps over time change policy, change paradigm if you will and how we would address disasters in the future. This also gives everybody else practically anybody I know is welcome to partner with us and become a contributing author and in their own area of expertise. How does disaster affect them? And ironically, a nonprofit organization will ultimately actually elevate you and your business for example while you are riding with the tide so to speak, with an authority site. So it’s a win-win situation for everybody. They… You can’t make a mistake in this because you’re going to empower lives and it meets every criteria that I needed that I had it can be it is going to be translated into n number of languages so just imagine we will all be educating others, empowering others with knowledge. Knowledge cannot be stolen. Knowledge is a gift for life.

[Maria Ngo] Right on doctor. You are amazing. Thank you so much for all the work. You’re so kind. You’re so generous. What is that website where people can go and check that out?

[Sathya Kalangi] That’s called disasterrally.org. The nonprofit organization is called the Collective Power of One International. That was coined by my children if I may add.

[Maria Ngo] Absolutely. Well, thank you. And you do look gorgeous. Thank you so much.

[Sathya Kalangi] Thank you





Dr. Sathya S. Kalangi, M.D. is a Gastroenterologist, Internist physician in private practice, in the U.S. She has been recognized as a “Top Worldwide Leader” in healthcare by the International Association of Healthcare Providers.

Dr. Kalangi has worked in various disasters relief areas across the globe. Some of these areas include the tsunami hit Banda Aceh, Indonesia, earthquake hit Port-au Prince, Haiti as well as locally in the United States during hurricanes Ike, Rita and Katrina.

Dr. Kalangi enjoys disaster relief training at Universities in the U.S, Haiti and Argentina and conducts numerous health camps in different countries: the United States, India ( Ongole and many remote villages, Mumbai – red light district), Haiti and Dominican Republic and Argentina.

In addition, Dr. Kalangi is also involved in community development and education, to include the Bhutanese refugee community, in Houston, Texas and enjoys volunteering her time at the local temples and mosques, as a physician.

Dr. Kalangi is a public speaker for different organizations including churches, the Dalith organizations, the Rotary, schools and Universities in the U.S, Mumbai, India, Haiti, and also at the International Educational and Medical summit for Haiti, in Montreal Canada.

You can visit her website - The Collective Power of One (cpoi.org)


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